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best Chicken Burger Recipe

1 best Chicken Burger Recipe

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One of the most popular burgers around the world, Chicken burger needs no introduction, it juicy and spicy patty placed between buns with some delicious condiments make it drool-worthy! There are several varieties of chicken burgers, but all these have one thing in common a crispy exterior and juicy meat inside. Sounds like a perfect mix of taste and texture. so follow us through these easy steps and woo your friends with your smart culinary hacks.The best part about burgers is that you can add whatever fillings and patties you want along with cheese, mayonnaise, and vegetables. Whenever you feel like eating a fulfilling meal filled with scrumptious chicken patty, you can make this chicken burger at home. Just make the delicious patty and layer the burgers with veggies. Make Chicken burger for occasions like kitty party. birthday, anniversary and pot luck.

How to make Chicken Burger

  • Minced chicken

    Step 1 Prepare the chicken patties

    Take a bowl and combine minced chicken, bread crumbs, milk, chopped green onions, Worcestershire sauce and salt and pepper. Then, form into patties.

  • Chicken patty
    Step 2 Grilled the patties

    Grill or fry the patties or barbeque them until cooked properly.

  • Sliced veg

    Step 3 Slice vegetables

    Slice vegetables for the burger and slice burger buns into halves.

  • Chicken Burger

    Step 4 Prepare the burger and serve

    Add slices of veggies, lettuce leaf and chicken patty on one-half of the burger bun and cover it with the other half on the bun. Enjoy!

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