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Chicken Shumai

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Chicken Shumai  Shumai or Siu Mai may be a famous Chinese snack that has now become famous everywhere the planet after sushi. For those of you who aren’t familiar, this is often an open cuisine served at many Chinese restaurants. it’s made with various sorts of filling and is garnished with different fish roes. The recipe is pretty simple and not very different from that of a dumpling or a momo. the most difference is that it’s kept open from the highest and is additionally garnished. we’ve used chicken during this recipe, you’ll use whichever quite filling you wish. The important thing to stay in mind here is to let it cook thoroughly otherwise you’ll not get the specified taste and texture. What are you waiting for? Make them today for your brunch with this step by step recipe below!

  • Total Time40m  

  • Prep Time20 m

  • Calories219

Ingredients of Chicken Shumai

How to make Chicken Shumai

  • Step 1- Mix minced chicken with chopped veggies

    Take a bowl and add minced chicken to it. Add all the ingredients to the bowl and mix until everything is well combined. Remember to chop all the vegetables finely before adding them to the chicken.

  • Step 2- Wrap, cook and serve

    Take one wonton wrapper or momo wrapper and place 1 tbsp of filling on it. Start wrapping it by forming pleats on top but remember to not close it all the way. Decorate it with a pea or even with chopped olives. Steam them for 10-15 minutes and serve!

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