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Cream Sandwich Recipe: How to Make Cream Sandwich Recipe


Running out of time to make breakfast, dinner or lunch but also want to have something healthy? A cream sandwich made of hung curd, bell peppers, creamy cheese, seasoning spread topped with herbs can be the perfect dish for you. This is a great option for quick meals that involve very less preparation and while tasting amazing the whole time. Not only the sandwich is easy to make and nutritious, but it also tastes marvellous. Sandwiched between toasted bread, the healthy ingredients of this dish is a pleasure in every bite and keeps your tummy full for a long time. You can also cover this dish in a wrap and carry it to work in your lunchbox. This makes a quick lunch and you can pair it with a hot bowl of tomato or cream of mushroom soup for dinner. The moist and flavourful cream sandwich is loved by adults and children alike. It is a great evening snack as it comes together in a small amount of time and tastes perfect with a cup of hot coffee. This cream sandwich does not use any hard to find ingredients and most must be already available in your pantry. You will enjoy the heavenly combination of creamy hung curd and crunchy vegetables. Since it is basically a creamy salad between two pieces of bread, you don’t have to worry about your health. The recipe is so easy to make, you can just read the recipe and create an activity out of it by making it with your kids!


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