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Creamy French Mustard Chicken Recipe: How to Make Creamy French Mustard Chicken Recipe


This French juicy chicken dish in a gravy made of mustard, white wine and cream is just what you need to celebrate your weekend. The chicken absorbs the decadent flavours of Dijon, herbs and wine from the sauce and becomes a dish that can warm the soul. There is a feeling of pure bliss when eating this creamy French mustard chicken. It is the unique gravy that sets this chicken dish apart and makes it a perfect choice for weekend nights or parties! Spoil your family and friends by making this creamy French mustard chicken recipe today. Mustard adds a wonderful flavour to the dishes when cooked properly and adding some high-quality but inexpensive white wine to the gravy takes the gravy to the next level. In fact, the combination of the two makes for a savoury, creamy sauce that will enhance the taste of anything that you are cooking. You can make the dish in one skillet and employ the French way to make a gravy using bits and juices remaining after searing the meat. Since the chicken is seasoned and seared first, it sits in the flavoursome gravy with a crispy exterior, releasing its juices with each bite you take. Since this creamy French mustard chicken only takes about half an hour to cook completely, you can make this at the end of a busy day when you are craving a quick and yummy dinner. Follow this recipe carefully and you shall have a wonderful dish sitting at your kitchen counter real soon!


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