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Farali Jeera Aloo Ki Sabji

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Jeera Aloo has been one among the foremost popular and traditional main dishes within Indian cuisines. But while you’re fasting, you’re obviously, not allowed to possess certain food items thanks to which you miss out on your taste buds. If you’re one among those for whom taste matters tons, then here may be a dish that can surely satisfy your taste buds. Here may be a simple yet easy recipe that you simply can prepare reception , but with a twist. we’ve brought before you the ‘falahaar’ version of what we could say, Farali Jeera Aloo Sabji. By this, we doesn’t mean that there are fruits added during this dish, but all the ingredients are sattvic which you’ll dine in vrat. Did you recognize that you simply aren’t allowed to consume grains, certain spices and customary salt while you’re fasting? don’t be concerned, you only got to replace common salt with halite, which is understood to be the purest sort of salt and it also features a more subtle taste, unlike the refined common salt that we normally eat. Primarily made with nicely boiled potatoes, a touch of our ever favourite cumin seeds, fresh coriander leaves and therefore the aromatic black pepper powder, the Farali Jeera Aloo ki Sabji leaves no stone unturned to form us wonderstruck by its heavenly taste and healthiness benefits. With our recipe, albeit you’re a beginner, you’ll prepare this dish with utmost perfection as if you’ve got been cooking for years. Just find some magic in your hands and pour it into your Sabji and share it with everyone. We are sure that everybody goes to like the indulgence and you. Now head to the kitchen and obtain started.

Ingredients of Farali Jeera Aloo Ki Sabji 4 SERVINGS

How to make Farali Jeera Aloo Ki Sabji


  • Step 1- Saute the cumin seeds

    In order to make this amazing dish, the first is to heat the ghee in a non-stick pan on a low to medium flame. Add cumin seeds after the ghee heats up.

  • Step 2- Cook the potatoes in ghee

    After you see that the cumin seeds are starting to sputter, add peeled and diced boiled potato and green chilies.

  • Step 3- Stir fry the potatoes for 2-3 minutes and serve hot

    Put coriander powder, black pepper and sendha namak to the mixture so formed and stir well for a minute or two until cooked. Flip the cooked potatoes onto a plate and garnish it beautifully with fresh coriander leaves. Serve hot and fresh. Farali Jeera Aloo Ki Sabji is best teamed with kuttu ki poori and yogurt.

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