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Grilled Hummus wrap

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Grilled Hummus Wraps are the new favorite fast-food within the food industry for all the proper reasons. they’re not only healthier than other food variants when it involves nutriment but also are easy to form and provides us space to experiment with most the varieties. you’ll make a wrap out of possibly anything, all you would like maybe a bunch of ingredients like fresh veggies and a delicious and fresh dip on your hands. And you’re good to travel. This recipe from Cornitos may be a delicious vegetarian hummus wrap that has been curated with the healthiest of ingredients including hummus and diced veggies like carrots and shredded cabbage and lettuce. Each ingredient holds health and freshness and provides a mouth-watering experience in total. What are you waiting for? Get Your ingredients in situ and begin making this delicious wrap for lunch today!
(Recipe by Cornitos)

  • Cooking time: 15 minutes

    Prepar for: 2 persons

Ingredients of Grilled Hummus wrap


How to make Grilled Hummus wrap

1 – Toss the ingredients on medium heat

Heat a skillet to medium heat. Place the diced zucchini on to the skillet toast in olive oil, sprinkle with salt & pepper & set aside

2 – Assemble, roll it, and eat it!

Place the tortilla on a non-stick pan and cook it for 10 seconds on both sides. Assemble the cornitos tortilla wrap spread hummus, grilled zucchini & vegetables in an extreme corner. Roll it, toast it, & eat it.

Grilled Hummus wrap

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