Papaya Banana Smoothie

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Papaya Banana Smoothie is a tremendous drink that you simply can steel oneself against your loved ones in summer. this is often an easy-to-make smoothie recipe which will be made in only 10 minutes. All you would like is frozen fruits along with side coconut milk and a few waters this is often a refreshing smoothie recipe that will provide you with the much-required nutrition during the entire day.

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Prepar for: 3 persons

Ingredients of Papaya Banana Smoothie

How to make Papaya Banana Smoothie

1– Freeze the fruits
To prepare this smoothie, you’d need frozen papaya and banana. So, you’ll cut 1 cup of papaya in cubes and freeze them. Then, chop the banana in thick slices during a bowl and freeze that too.

2 – Blend the frozen fruits to form a fine puree
Once the fruits are frozen, take them to call at a blender and blend with some water until you achieve the specified consistency. (Note: It can take a touch longer than normal time since everything is frozen but it’s well worth the wait).

3 – Blend the puree with coconut milk
Once both papaya and banana are pureed, add coconut milk and blend once more. (Note: I buy Homemade Coconut Milk since it’s much creamier, but you’ll prepare your reception too).

4 – Add honey for sweetness
Since papaya and banana have natural sugar in them, I skipped the sugar part. However, you’ll add honey, if required. Finally, pour the prepared smoothie during a glass, sprinkle some chocolate over it and garnish with sliced almonds and chocolate shavings. Voila! Papaya, Banana smoothie is prepared. (Note: If you’re a vegan, skip the chocolate shavings part.)

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