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Signs of child hunger

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Children who are breastfeeding can be more likely to overfeed because drinking milk from the bottle may take less effort than breastfeeding, and an over-fed child may also suffer from stomach pain, gas, and vomiting, and be more likely to be obese When he grows up, it is worth noting that the best way to avoid excessive feeding is to start with a small amount and then provide more if the child wants it, which gives children time to realize the feeling of fullness, and the following points show the most important signs of hunger in the child:

continuous crying; It is a late sign of hunger, Wim It can be difficult to cause the child to settle down and eat, and it should be noted that crying does not necessarily mean starving a child.

  • ┬áLicking lips.
  • Highlight the tongue.
  • Hand on the mouth frequently.
  • Moving the jaw, mouth, or head in search of the mother’s breast.
  • The child is agitated.
  • Suck things.


Child development at the age of five months

A range of motor and verbal developments occur during the fifth month of a child’s age, and below is an explanation of these developments:

  • Motor skills:
    Where five-month-old children can sit upright for a good period of time, bring things together, pick them up, and move them, and they can start rolling from the back to the abdomen, so they should not be left alone in an elevated position.
  • Sleep:
    Where most children sleep during the night after the fifth month, and it is advised to specify a regular sleep routine at night, by starting with a warm bath, then gently shaking it for a few minutes, singing, and telling a story to create a suitable sleeping environment, and during the day they need a nap in the morning and a nap After lunch, it is not advisable to delay snooze but to put it in bed when the first signs of drowsiness appear.
  • Communication:
    As the child begins to understand the sounds he hears, such as dog barking, or starting the engine of the car, and although he cannot understand the words, he may turn his face upon hearing his name, and he may also start to take out some sounds as if he is speaking, such as The word mama or papa without understanding its meaning.

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