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Skillet Chicken Pot Pie Recipe: How to Make Skillet Chicken Pot Pie Recipe


Is it one of those nights when you want to eat something fancy but have absolutely no time to make it? This yummy skillet chicken pot pie recipe is your answer. The recipe uses a few easily available ingredients and comes together surprisingly faced in a single skillet. This skillet chicken pot pie will be your saviour on the days when you have surprise visits from relatives or friends and you wish to serve them some mouthwatering goodness to remember you by! Nothing equals the spicy, the delicious smell of this pot pie lingering in your kitchen in increasing your appetite. The good news is that you don’t have to resist the temptation to do the taste test for too long as the dish is ready before you know it. The traditional chicken pot pie is made with a slow-cooked stuffing and a homemade crust, which is delicious but it does take a lot of time to set up and assemble. This skillet chicken pot pie recipe streamline things and makes a crust with biscuit dough and a filling with chicken pieces, spices and fresh or frozen vegetables. In a skillet, the filling cooks quite easily and then is baked in the oven covered with refrigerated biscuit dough for the crust. When the crust turns a beautiful light golden colour and flaky, you will know that it is ready to be served! You can serve this with a side of a zesty salad or boiled veggies with leafy greens.


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