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Syn Free Overnight Oats Slimming

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As a fellow Slimming World follower. I also went totally bonkers over this awesome breakfast. It feels so naughty and it’s very easy to form. Not forgetting the very fact it’s totally Syn free too!

This recipe works well because it avoids using your daily Healthy Extra A allowance by not having to use milk. Leaving it to be used elsewhere.

It is very easy to make with no mess. All you would like maybe a glass or plastic jar with a decent lid.

Is this Syn Free with Slimming World?
This recipe is merely Syn free if you’re using your Healthy Extra B porridge oats allowance.

Syn Free Overnight Oats

Slimming World Syns: ZERO

Weight Watchers: Coming Soon

Calories: Coming Soon

 Prep Time5 minutes
 Cook Time12 hours


  • Mason Jar or Glass Jar with lid


  • 40 g Unflavoured Porridge Oats
  • 200 g Fat Free Greek Style Or Natural Yoghurt
  • Mixed Berries or Fruit (Fresh or frozen)


Start with a little layer of yoghurt within the bottom of your jar, then a layer of oats, then a layer of fruit. Repeat until the jar is full.
Cover the jar with a lid and leave overnight within the fridge to permit the porridge to soak up the yoghurt.
Serve for breakfast topped with extra fruit within the morning.


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