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Watermelon Jelly

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Jellies are very fashionable amongst kids and are loved by them. There are a spread of lip-smacking jellies and most of them are made from fruits. One such fruit jelly recipe is ‘Watermelon Jelly’ which can be a treat to your little ones. Made with the goodness of watermelon, gelatin, sugar and juice this flavorful recipe are going to be an excellent summer recipe for your loved ones. Watermelon being an excellent hydrating source will assist you remain calm during hot summer days. Serve this recipe as a dessert or as a snack; either ways it’ll leave all of your guest impressed. Beat the summer heat with this delectable recipe and pair it up with a relaxing glass of fruit juice to dive into a world of refreshing flavors together with your friends and family.

Ingredients of Watermelon Jelly

8 Servings
8 cup watermelon
1 cup sugar
4 tablespoon lemon juice
3 cup water
4 tablespoon gelatin
1 teaspoon mint leaves

How to make Watermelon Jelly

Step 1
Wash and cut watermelon on a chopping board. Take a good based pan, add some water followed by gelatin. Allow the mixture to rest until the gelatin gets complete soaked within the water.

Step 2
Pour in some warm water within the gelatin mixture and blend until you completely dissolve the gelatin within the water mixture.

Step 3
Combine sugar and stir the mixture till sugar dissolves within the mixture. Once done sieve the mixture and take away the unwanted part from the mixture.

Step 4
Using a mixer jar, blend the chopped watermelon during a puree form then transfer this watermelon puree to the gelatin mixture. Mix well. Transfer this mixture into a serving bowl and refrigerate it for an evening or until you get a desired jelly texture. Entrees the jelly with mint leaves and serve in pieces.

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